Paper & Cardboard Wastes

> Waste Newspapers (ONP)

Waste Newspapers (ONP)

Consists of sorted, fresh newspapers, not sunburned, and other acceptable papers. This grade may contain magazines.

Prohibitive materials may not exceed % 1

Outthrows plus prohibitives may not exceed % 3

Other acceptable papers may not exceed % 20

EUROPEAN STANDART EN 643 CODE:1.09.00—Newspapers and Magazines

A mixture of newspapers  and magazines(predominantly unsold); each of them with a minumum of 30%

Non-paper components maximum 0.5%

Total unwanted material maximum %1

Other Paper & Cardboards Waste Grades

Mixed Paper
OCC (%80 Corrugated Cartons %20 Mixed Paper)
OCC (%100 Corrugated Cartons)
Over Issue News Papper - in bundles (OINP)

Paper & Cardboard Wastes

We trade approx 10.000 tons of paper & cardboard as Box Board Cutting Paper, Magazine Trimming, Mixed Paper, Polycup, Scanboard and much more.

Plastic Wastes Paper & Cardboard Wastes

We trade approx 2.000 tons of plastic wastes, as HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP and much more.

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About our activity

The reuse of waste paper as raw material is provided by recycling facilities so that the increased consumption does not harm natural balance and harm to nature.

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